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What Is A Conservatorship?

In a conservatorship, a court can appoint someone the authority to make financial decisions for a minor, incapacitated person, or someone with an intellectual disability. That person – called the conservator – then can manage all their loved one’s financial affairs, including paying debts and bills, managing bank accounts and investments, and handling cash expenditures. If your loved one is in a situation that might improve under a conservatorship arrangement, you need an experienced estate attorney to make your case. Our guardianship and conservatorship lawyers have that experience. With careful research and in partnership with medical and other professionals, we’ve successfully pursued conservatorships for our clients. Get in touch with our estate law team today to learn more.

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What Is A Guardianship?

A guardianship arrangement gives a designated person the authority to make even more decisions on behalf of a minor, a person with an intellectual disability, or someone with another condition that causes them to become incapacitated. In addition to handling their ward’s financial affairs, the guardian can make decisions regarding medical treatment, safety issues, and living arrangements. As with a conservatorship, a court must first deem the ward incompetent to handle their own decisions. Awarding guardianship over someone’s life isn’t a decision courts take lightly. They consider your loved one’s health and mental condition, their ability to take care of themselves, and their ability to manage their own finances. It’s a complex process – and you’ll need an expert lawyer to help you prove your case. Don’t wait until things go downhill for your loved one. Put us on your case today!

What About Contesting A Guardianship Or Conservatorship?

Again, recent celebrity cases have shed light on the importance of the courts retaining the ability to revisit a guardianship or conservatorship decision upon discovery of new evidence. If you think that a family member or another person has wronged you and withheld evidence in your case – or if you have recovered from your condition and are ready for life’s challenges, our experienced guardianship and conservatorship lawyers can help. If you’re ready for a new start, we’ll spare no effort to help you successfully contest your guardianship or conservatorship. Contact us today to get started!