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Whether You’re A Buyer, Seller, Or Investor, Our Residential Real Estate Lawyers Are On Your Side

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Buying A Home? A Residential Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

Your home is usually the largest purchase you’ll ever make. So, when you decide to buy a home or buy property to build a home, you need an experienced real estate lawyer on your side to take care of all of the legal details. We help you check the zoning on your prospective property, perform a title examination to make sure that any mortgages on the property have cleared, obtain title insurance to protect you against any future problems, coordinate the closing arrangements, and help you understand and fill out the required paperwork to make the property your own. We treat our clients’ home purchases with as much care as we would our own. Relax and enjoy the move. We have you covered.

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Selling Your Home? Hire An Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

When you sell your home, there are more details to take care of outside of sprucing it up and calling a real estate agent. There is a broad range of legal aspects of home sales that come up during the process, from your rights as a seller to refuse a sale to the moment of closing the sale. Whether it’s negotiating a dispute, clearing up your home’s title, drafting or reviewing a contract, or writing proper legal descriptions and disclosures, we can help guide you through the process. With a broad range of experience in residential transactions from both the seller’s and the buyer’s perspective, our real estate lawyers have your back.

Want To Invest In Residential Real Estate? Our Attorneys Can Help

Whether you’re into flipping houses or want to become a landlord, there are a wide range of legal issues you need to consider before you buy investment property. From title concerns to loan fraud to construction pros skipping out of their contracts, you may face a ton of legal challenges from the very beginning of the process. Then, when you get ready to sell or rent, you need to make sure that your description and ads comply with non-discrimination law, describe your property correctly, and disclose any problems the property might have. Don’t face this process alone. With one of our experienced residential real estate attorneys, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that your investment property is in good hands.