Deed Drafting

Real Estate Transfers After A Drafted Deed Submission

Deed Drafting Attorney In Flint, Michigan

In Michigan, real estate transfers only occur after one submits a properly drafted deed to the appropriate county officials.

The deed must contain suitable language and follow specifications, including the following:

  • The deed must include a formal legal description of the property. It is a requirement that this description contains a granting clause and consideration clause.
  • The granting clause includes words that demonstrate the intent of the seller or grantor to transfer the title to the buyer or grantee.
  • The consideration clause must contain words that indicate that the grantor receives something of value in exchange for the property. If money is involved, the consideration clause needs to state the amount of the purchase price.
  • The deed must contain an acknowledgment section. This section serves as evidence of the grantor’s identity and proof that he or she signed it voluntarily.

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Case Types

How To Proceed

It is best to hire an attorney to prepare a real estate deed. Not only will the lawyer make sure the document is valid but he or she will also check that you meet all the requirements stated in the deed before the title transfer occurs. The attorney will notarize the document before delivering it to the buyer or grantee.

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