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Real Estate Law Attorney In Flint, Michigan

An Attorney Who Protects Your Rights

Our attorney, Roxane Kaye, has been practicing law for over a decade now. She has years of experience dealing with real estate transactions in Michigan, including land contract forfeiture cases. She will protect your rights throughout the transaction, from reviewing your purchase and sale agreement to preparing closing documents.

There had been cases when a purchase and sale agreement included clauses added in bad faith. These clauses can cost you a significant amount of money during the sale and even after the sale. Kaye Law Office PLLC is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Also, we help with any legal issue that may arise during the transaction, such as violations of land contracts and unpaid taxes. We will do everything to make sure you sign a transfer deed or sale contract that is fair to you and the other party.

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Case Types

What Our Real Estate Law Team Can Do For You

If you’re a property owner, we can help you review and draft rental agreements, resolve disputes with your tenants before they go to court, file evictions on your behalf, and represent you in court, if needed. We can negotiate contracts with contractors, check to see that your building is up to code, and help you conclude real estate transactions. On the other hand, if you’re a tenant, we can help you resolve a dispute with your landlord before they take you to court, defend you against evictions, take action on your part to recover deposits your landlord has wrongfully held, or even represent you in court, should your landlord elevate the dispute to that level.

A Firm That Listens

Attention to detail and broad knowledge in real estate transactions are not our only strengths. Our firm also has the reputation of being empathetic and amiable. We listen to our clients’ concerns and carefully review all the aspects of their transaction. After all, our attorney isn’t only a legal professional, but she can also be your advocate.

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