Wills And Powers Of Attorney

Giving Your Loved Ones Peace Of Mind During Stressful Times

Wills And Powers Of Attorney In Flint, Michigan

Why Do I Need A Will?

No matter how much money you have or how old you are, you need a will. First of all, a will doesn’t only deal with financial matters. It dictates which of your belongings go to what heirs. Secondly, your loved ones will likely be in a state of shock after your passing. Having a will in place gives them the security and stability they need during such a time. Giving your heirs that final gift will help them deal with all the legal matters they need to handle during such a stressful time. Planning your will with an experienced estate lawyer can help you settle these issues well before you pass away, providing you – and your loved ones – with perfect peace of mind so that you can relax and enjoy your life. Start planning your will with one of our experienced estate lawyers.

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Why Should I Have A Power Of Attorney?

Although you might be in perfect health now, life is never certain. Should you suffer an accident or illness that causes you to lose the capacity to make decisions, you need someone who can take on the responsibility to make decisions for you. That person is your legally appointed agent. A power of attorney empowers you to appoint someone to be your legal advocate when you no longer can advocate for yourself. Make sure you’re covered should something happen that puts you in a vulnerable position. Book an appointment with our estate law team today!

What Does A Power Of Attorney Cover?

There are two types of powers of attorney. One covers making healthcare decisions, and the other covers property and financial decisions on your behalf. Naming someone now as your legally appointed attorney-in-fact gives you the peace of mind you can have in knowing that even if you aren’t able to make critical decisions, you have a trusted person in your corner who can. Don’t wait to get this essential legal document. Contact our estate law office today!