Probate Trust Administration

Helping Heirs Sort Through Legal Issues After Their Loved One Passes Away

Probate Law Attorney In Flint, Michigan

What Is Probate Law?

Probate is a legal process that interprets a deceased person’s will and distributes a person’s assets among their heirs after they have passed away. If the person has any outstanding taxes or debts, the court will use some of the money in the estate to pay those obligations. Probate court is usually a lengthy process that requires appointing an executor to take responsibility for signing papers, attending any required court appearances, and other duties. It’s also a complex process that often frustrates the grieving family without an experienced probate lawyer to steer them through any legal tangles that arise, such as a contested will.

Losing a loved one is a stressful experience. But the stress can become overwhelming for the family if you have to deal with legal issues surrounding your loved one’s estate, as well. Kaye Law Office PLLC helps settle the estate of the deceased through probate or trust administration.

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Case Types

The Complexities Of Trust Administration

If your deceased family member placed some or all of his or her assets into a trust and appointed you as the successor trustee, you have specific legal obligations to the trust beneficiaries. Among these responsibilities is managing and distributing the assets of the trust to the rightful individuals. The successor trustee has to do all that while fulfilling the wishes of the original trustee.

Trust administration can get complicated; often, it is helpful for trustees to have a Michigan attorney on their side to make sure they are not subjected to complaints about their fiduciary role.

The Costly, Time-Consuming Process Of Probate

If your departed loved one failed to put his or her assets in a trust, his or her estate would have to go through probate before you can get your inheritance. Probate is a process of proving in court that the will of the deceased is valid. It is expensive and takes a long time to complete. With an experienced lawyer working on your probate, the process will be faster and more efficient.

Let us deal with your probate and trust administration needs. This way, you and your family no longer have to carry additional burdens of legal responsibilities at a time of grief. Contact us today to learn more.